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The Vitality & Engagement - Developing Communities Project supports community sponsorship schemes at pilot and early implementation to develop into sustainably scaled programmes in each of the project's partner countries of Ireland and Portugal, as well across other EU Member States. 



Amnesty International

Project Coordinator

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 8 million people who take injustice personally. We are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. 

In Ireland, our 20,000 members and supporters campaign on issues like reproductive rights, ending torture and protecting migrant & refugee rights, among others. We are independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion.

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Project Beneficiary

The Portuguese Refugee Council (CPR) is Portugal’s leading Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGOD) working exclusively with asylum seekers and refugees. CPR, operational partner of UNHCR since 1993, has had a long standing European and national presence.

CPR maintains strong links with central government, local authorities, NGOs and refugees and seeks to raise public awareness and mainstream refugee rights into public debate for a more inclusive society.

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Advisory Partner

The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative works to assist and inspire countries around the world to open new pathways for refugee protection.

We do this by sharing Canada’s history, experience, and leadership in private sponsorship and by supporting the creation of new programs that countries design to meet their unique needs.

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The VE project is designed to strengthen capacities of Community Sponsorship schemes at the local and national level of each partner country but is also designed to enhance the development and implementation of similar Community Sponsorship schemes in other EU Member States. 

The VE project delivers country tailored training and outreach across Ireland and Portugal to ensure there is an increased number of well trained and informed sponsor organisations and individuals. The VE Project also coordinates a range of transnational interaction opportunities at the European level for a wide variety of Community Sponsorship stakeholders. 

Outreach Events

Tailored outreach events are targeted to prospective CSG group members to encourage participation. Target groups are varied and include community groups, private sector companies and organisations, sports associations/clubs and civil society associations. 

Training Development 

Development of quality Training materials provide detailed guidance on the role and responsibilities of sponsors and provide practical advice on preparing to welcome newcomers via community sponsorship 

Knowledge Sharing

Best-practice Sharing Meetings are hosted to share leading models and support ongoing capacity building between relevant civil society organisations in partner and non-partner EU Member Countries. 

Network Building

The VE Project’s Allies Partner Network is comprised of organisations from a range of different sectors and industries who commit to promote sponsorship across their networks, provide industry or sector expertise and provide training or employment opportunities wherever possible. 

Peer Support

Peer learning and support networks foster a shared culture of ongoing learning and support and are designed as dedicated spaces for problem-solving and information sharing between CSGs at various stages of their sponsorship journey to significantly increase CSGs capabilities. 



Objective 1


Provide quality information, guidance, support and training to prospective and new CSG members in Portugal and Ireland.

Objective 2

Knowledge Transfer

Facilitate national and transnational interactions to ensure mutual learning and transfer of knowledge, encouraging a whole-of-society approach.

Objective 3

Guidance & Support

Support new, emerging and existing CS schemes in EU Member States with guidance on development and implementation processes.

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